Saturday, June 14, 2008

The debut of Deleted Scenes

Today I'm kicking off another recurring column: Deleted Scenes. I know that my readers are a mixture of casual fans, who check in weekly or monthly to see what I'm up to, and die-hard fans, who visit the site multiple times a day. This Deleted Scenes column is for those die-hards, who are happy to watch pretty much anything that features me. So from time to time (weekends especially), I'll post a "deleted scene"—a video of me that isn't entertaining or novel enough to make the regular blog. Like the deleted scenes on a DVD, it's an additional treat for hard-core fans, but the rest of you won't be missing anything important if you skip it.

This is a good idea of what I'm talking about. Here's a loooooong clip of me playing in the backyard two weeks ago. There's some amusing stuff in here—count the number of times I stop to drink from my sippy cup—but I would normally never post it because it's a long walk for a short beer, as one of Dad's editors used to say.

So casual fans, I'll see you next week. And die-hards, here you go:

Wondering which camp you fall into? If you were able to watch the whole thing, you're a die-hard. If you bailed out before the end, you should probably skip the Deleted Scenes columns in the future.

Whichever type of reader you are, have a great weekend!