Monday, May 11, 2009

Momma mia!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day everyone!

Our Mother's Day started out on a not-so-great note. We showed up at the hospital for my sibling tour, so I could get the lay of the land before my baby brother comes. Well, it ended up being only a waiting room tour because the instructor never showed up! I didn't notice, because I was running around the waiting room (and I got to see one or two babies as they were wheeled from one wing to another), but Mom and Dad were a little annoyed. But they said it was the most accurate hospital tour I could have gotten because that place is a bit incompetent about certain things (two years ago, a few of their prenatal classes were also cancelled without warning).

But things picked up later in the day, when we took advantage of the great weather and had a barbeque outside with Bobbi and Dido. I also gave Mom a Mother's Day gift of a couple cookbooks, although I had already moved on to bigger and better things by the time she opened them.

At the end of the video you see me wearing a pageboy cap and saying "Hat! Just like Norman!" Norman is a character in Fireman Sam, a British kids show I like to watch about a fireman in a local town. Norman is the kid who always gets into trouble, but he's also my new imaginary friend and tells me to do things (nothing far!).