Friday, May 1, 2009

Wild, wild West Hartford

I wrapped up my great vacation week with a trip to Connecticut to visit Aunt Jess. Her apartment is fun to run around in because she has all these cool magnets on her fridge (Dad says they are from promotional stuff he got at work over the years), like a Reese Witherspoon figure that you can "dress" in a bunch of different outfits. We also made a return trip to the West Hartford Children's Museum nearby. I didn't have quite as much fun there as I did the first time around (probably because Aunt Jess was at class and couldn't come with us) but it was still nice to go back.

One thing we didn't film was my reaction to the clowns that were performing in the museum's backyard. I was interested and made Mom and Dad take me out there, but 30 seconds later I wanted to go back inside. So I haven't decided yet whether I'm one of those kids who is afraid of clowns or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!