Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ask Julia: 11/28/07

Not that I've caught you up on my holiday weekend, let's dive into the Ask Julia questions that piled up over Thanksgiving. Aunt Rebecca sent along several:

You told us how much you weighed, but you didn't put it into perspective for us. How tall are you and what percentile do you fall into the height and weight charts? What size clothes are you wearing now?
I'm 28 inches, but I don't know nothin' 'bout no percentiles. We haven't asked where I fall on the chart, and the doctor hasn't volunteered that info. I'm sure I fall on the high end, though. One thing I can say is that I've finally fallen off pace with Dad and Uncle Ryan. Grandma had passed along their height/weight stats during their respective first years, and while I was on pace with them for awhile, I'm now a pound or two off of what they each were at 6 months. Which is a relief.

Size-wise, however, I've busted out of my 9-month clothes and am now wearing 12-month clothes. And since Mom's friends donated lots of clothes, I've got quite a large wardrobe to pick from!

What did you enjoy the most about your first Thanksgiving?
I didn't enjoy still being sick, but I loved all the attention. There were eight smiling faces catering to my every need that day...who wouldn't love that?

Did you watch any football? If you did, which games, and who did you root for?
I did catch a bit of Dad's New York Jets playing, if you can call it that. They ended up losing to the Cowboys 34-3. I'll still root for them, but this is a season best forgotten. In other words, it's perfect for someone who possesses almost no short term memory, like myself!

When are you planning to go meet Santa Claus and sit on his lap?
No close encounters with Santa for me this year, though I've already crossed paths with him a few times. Mom and Dad are worried that I might get a bit freaked out by the jolly old guy. So I'll admire him from afar, especially if his elves have one of those nifty computer screens that display the digital photos.

Have you made a Christmas list yet, and if you have, what is the first thing you put on your list?
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Or any teeth for that matter...this teething thing is no fun!

Is Angelina pregnant? I figure since you know so much for such a little girl, you might know that as well.
Dad says I'm no longer allowed to comment on topics that overlap with his work, so I have to pass on this one. (It's kind of like separation of church and state, though don't ask me which is which in this scenario.)

Have you been practicing walking in Aunt Jessica's heels on Thanksgiving too?
I took a break from walking in her heels, because Mom brought so many baby shoes for me that I had plenty of footwear to keep myself occupied.

Rumors abound that George Steinbrenner has been consulting with you over the makeup of the 2008 Yankees. Should they wear lip gloss or not? Just kidding. Who would you recommend that George offer a contract to (of someone who is not currently on the team)?
Not sure where all the hostility is coming from, but try directing it at your Texas teams who didn't make the MLB playoffs. I'm not sure about specific players, though we need some bullpen help and could use another starter (I hear the team might trade for Minnesota ace Johan Santana, but that would mean bidding farewell to Melky Cabrera, one of my favorites).

My Aunt Paula also piped in with these queries:

How did you enjoy your first Thanksgiving? Did you get to taste any turkey? How did you enjoy visiting with your grandparents, aunt and uncle?
She wrote this before I posted about my Thanksgiving weekend, so I won't go into all that again. But alas, there was no turkey for me (better luck next year). Although I'm sure my parents wished they could have given me some tryptophan to put me to sleep during those couple nights that I was wide awake in the wee small hours of the morning.

Have you made out your Christmas list yet?
Nothing is on my list this year. I figured I would give them one year off, because I'll be asking for tons of stuff every Christmas from here on in!

I was just putting the finishing touches on this post when my Aunt Jess, orthodontist-to-be, sent in these questions:

Thank you for congratulating me on the blog! What will you be asking Santa for? Maybe a toy because it doesn't seem like you have enough of them!
I might only be a six-month-old, but I know sarcasm when I see it! Actually, it seems like Christmas came early, because Mom and Dad have started opening the "6 months and up" toys that they've been sitting on for a couple months now. So now I've got a whole new batch of toys to play with (that doesn't stop me for whining out of boredom, however!).

Maybe some shoes? You came to Cherry Hill for the weekend when your parents went to Chicago with seven pairs of shoes and you still wanted to wear mine!
True, but that was before my cousin Ava lent me all of her shoes, so now I have more shoes than I could hope for (though I'm beginning to understand that you can never have enough shoes!). Actually, my new favorite thing to do is snack on my shoes, so maybe asking for more of them isn't such a bad idea...

Thanks for all the questions! Now how about sending me some more?