Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vacation, meant to be spent alone

The letters have been pouring in to my mailbox this week. Everyone is waiting with bated breath to hear about my big weekend getaway with Grandma and Grandpa (and Aunt Jess too, who was there for most of my stay). In a word, it was terrific! They were such attentive, loving hosts, and made sure there were so many new things for me to experience. I walked a mile (okay, just a step) in my Aunt's shoes...

Caught up on the latest headlines with Grandpa...

And finally discovered a food that I don't like: string beans.

My best friend Isabella (who just learned to walk recently. I'm so jealous!) was the first to write in with a question:

How was your first solo vacation without Mom and Dad? My parents have been pining for a weekend away, but Alec convinced me that we should protest against it. Since you're my friend and the real expert, I thought I'd ask you.

You've got to convince your big brother to see the light. It was so great! And the best part is, I had everyone fooled. They thought that Mom and Dad were having the vacation, but actually I was. You see, I've been wearing down Mom and Dad, and Babcia and Dido, over these past few months. But over the weekend, I had fresh meat! They all had so much energy and enthusiasm, with new rooms for me to explore and new toys to play with (though Mom and Dad made sure I had all my favorites from home). And then if you're extra lucky, Mom and Dad will feel guilty about leaving you alone for a couple days (even though you barely noticed they were gone), and when they come back they'll shower you with extra hugs and kisses...and gifts!

Now a question from Aunt Paula.

I understand that you had a wonderful weekend with your grandparents. What was the best part? Being with Grandma and Grandpa, or going to Grandma's work, or was it going to church? Did Aunt Jessica check out your soon-to-be teeth?

I didn't have a best part, I just liked bonding with Grandma and Grandpa. Going to Grandma's work was fun, because I always like meeting and charming new people (even though they didn't deserve it; they're laying Grandma off!). The best part certainly wasn't going to church, which didn't compare to the nice church that Mom and Dad take me to every weekend. This boring guy was there who put me right to sleep (and I wasn't the only one!). And yes, Aunt Jessica looked in my mouth and announced that my teeth hadn't arrived. I could have told you that, and I don't even have 3 1/2 years of dental school under my belt!

And here's one last question from Grandpa:

Do you think you picked up any bad habits this weekend?

You mean other than my new crystal meth addiction? Nope, I was having too much fun, and too busy laughing and smiling, to pick up any bad habits. But I can't wait to spend more time with you and see what trouble I can get myself into! (Grandma already wrote and invited me back again for the weekend. Score!)

Don't get me wrong, when Mom and Dad returned from their trip Monday and I saw them, I gave them the biggest smile they'd seen all month from me! Then the next day, I finally met Dad's friend Sara, who is touring the country with Mamma Mia as the show's dance captain. She danced with me a bit, and I loved it! Dad, you've been replaced as my favorite dance partner!

Now I'm back home, where I've been spending the past couple days with Dad, who took the whole week off to be with me. We've had our great moments and not-so-great moments, but that's a story for another day....