Friday, March 14, 2008

Ask Julia: 3/14/08

I'm taking a break from uploading videos (don't worry, more are coming!) to answer this week's Ask Julia questions. All my arm-twisting and ultimatums paid off, because there are lots of questions to answer. First up is a question from Mom:

I understand that you have been making some friends around Montclair during all of you extracurricular activities. Can you tell me about some of the fun things you do with your friends?
In the words of a band you know well, INXS: "Sometimes you kick...sometimes you get kicked." There's a bit of shoving from time to time, as well as laughter and tears (mostly tears), but much of the time we keep to ourselves. Occasionally we join forces to cause destruction, but mostly it's every baby for themselves.

Next up is this query from Grandpa and Grandpa:

We couldn't help but notice from your pics & vids and your trip to Cherry Hill, that there is no more Droolia Julia so you don't need to wear a bib all the time, and you hardly put anything in your mouth anymore. Does that mean you now know how everything tastes?
No way, are you kidding? There's still so many things I have yet to taste. Just two days ago in fact, Babcia and Dido let me munch on a lemon, which I really liked. Then Mom let me do the same thing yesterday.

Of course, only then did she remember that I'm not supposed to have citrus until I'm a year old. Someone call child services!

Aunt Paula checked in with her weekly questions:

Do you have plans for the weekend? Are you doing something for St. Patrick's Day? I have no plans. Thing are very boring at this time of the year in Ohio.
No St. Patty's plans yet, though maybe I'll get to have my first beer. At the very least, I hope they put green food coloring in my bottle! I'm sorry to hear you're bored. Why don't you come visit me?

Has your Aunt Jessica said anything to you about her taking you to Las Vegas when you turn 21? You need to tell her to start saving her money. You probably will want to play the 5 dollar machines by then. So when you get a chance ask her how the savings are coming along for your big day in the sun , she will have a good answer for you. She only has 20 years to plan.
That's sounds like great fun, but in 20 years I'm sure that there will be casinos in every town, so who knows if Vegas will still be a big deal or not. And while I hope that I have a great 21st birthday, right now I'll just focus on the one I have coming up in May. Still, if Aunt Jess is reading this, it wouldn't hurt to start planning that trip for my 21st!

And finally, Aunt Christa saved everyone's bacon by writing in with these questions, which allowed me to open the floodgates and start posting more videos:

Where are you going on a plane?
I'm not sure, they haven't told me yet. And it sounds like Dad will be going away on his own for work before the three of us get to travel together. I have a feeling we'll be going somewhere with a beach, because Mom and Dad keep talking about getting sunscreen and one of those baby bathing suits with the built-in flotation device.

How are the teeth coming along? I know that I asked the same question less than two weeks ago.
Still no teeth to speak of. I fully expect to wake up one morning with a mouthful of teeth.

That's it. I'll be spending the weekend resting up and trying to shake my monthly congestion, which I've come down with right on schedule. Hope you all do something fun! And while I won't withhold my videos this week, I'd still love to get an Ask Julia question or two.