Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday in the park with Julia

On Sunday, Mom and Dad took me to Brookdale Park, which is the huge park in town. All I can say is, wow! They had me try out the swings for the first time (it's much easier than when they were kids; now the swings have harnesses so they just plopped me in). It was so much fun!

Here's what my inaugural trip was like. It doesn't take me long to realize how much I like it:

After just a few minutes, my mind was made up. Swinging is awesome!

And that wasn't all. They also took me to the playground, and while I'm still too young to do all that much on my own, they helped me go down the slide. And then they let me crawl through a big plastic tube that was part of the massive jungle gym. It was weird crawling around in my winter coat, but I still loved it.

Then Babcia and Dido joined us for a bit, and I got to do everything again, from swinging to sliding.

Best of all, Babcia and Dido said we'll be coming back all summer long! How cool is that?!?