Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ask Julia: 3/20/08

I was just checking my Blackberry (I swiped it from Dad; finders keepers as far as I'm concerned!) for the latest Ask Julia questions to answer. I didn't have to beg for them this week, which always makes me happy. My best friend Isabella (whose picture I look at everyday on our refrigerator—as such, I should be able to recognize her on sight, as long as she holds her left arm at a 90 angle and has her mouth open), was thrilled to hear about my new tooth:

I'm so glad that you got a tooth! It's a whole new world of food. And they come in handy when your Mom or Dad decide to go sticking their fingers in your mouth because they think you have something in there that's not "regulation." My mom has decided the penalty for this particular transgression is not worth it!
As always, thanks for the advice. Mom and Dad are always sticking their fingers in my mouth searching for teeth. I don't mind when I want to use their finger for teething, but the rest of the time it's a pain. Now it can be a pain for them!

I hope we get to play together soon. Mom told me that spring is coming (she sounded really happy about this; I have no idea what it's all about, but I think it means the end of being wrestled into a snowsuit). Maybe we can go on a walk together when it's warmer and Alec is in school—things tend to get a little slow when he's not around. I could use a buddy!
Sounds great. I can't wait!

I heard from another good friend, Audrey, who had a question about the coming holiday:

Will your parents be coloring Ukrainian Easter eggs for you this year? My mom got to do that with your mom and your Babcia when she was growing up. She loved it and she’s not even Ukrainian.
Unfortunately, I don't think we're coloring Ukrainian eggs this Easter, but I hope to do that soon with Babcia. I am going to participate in a few Easter traditions, however. Saturday morning Mom and Dad will take me on an Easter egg hunt in town, then in the afternoon we'll be going to Ukrainian church for the annual blessing of the Easter baskets. And I've now met the Easter Bunny not once, not twice but three times...he's my new friend! Unlike my reaction to Santa Claus, who makes me cry (as does anyone with a white beard), I couldn't be happier when I see the Easter Bunny. I spotted him at the mall today with Babcia and Dido, and I kept squealing and chatting with him. So I expect to get a pretty Easter basket packed with goodies on Sunday!

Now that I'm done using my Blackberry to retrieve emails, it's feeding time.