Monday, March 10, 2008

"Hi"s and lows

It's now been three days since I asked you to send in Ask Julia questions if you wanted to see more videos. I did get a question late last night from Grandpa, which I'll share later in the week. While I really don't think that one should count because I just spent all weekend with him, I'll keep my end of the bargain and show you one new video. I like this one because you hear me say my third word (after "Dada" and "Mama") over and over again, followed by a demonstration of how I get people to pick me up.

I hope you enjoyed that, because that's the last one you'll see until I receive a question from one person who did not see me in the last few days. And don't expect Aunt Paula to bail you out this time either. She wrote today to make a very good point: why should she be deprived of videos on account of the rest of you guys? So starting tomorrow, I'll be sending her the videos separately. Hey, you can see them too—all you have to do is send me one measly question!