Thursday, March 6, 2008

News from the north

I quite enjoyed my trip up to Connecticut last weekend. First I caught up with my relatives, including cousins Sophia (left) and Ava.

Then I visited my godmother and her family, and spent time with her kids Andrew and Lucie.

The best part about playing with Andrew and Lucie was that they were more than willing to retrieve my book everytime I threw it down—which was usually just moments after they gave the book back to me. Most people tire of this after a few tosses, but Andrew and Lucie could have kept it up for hours! Mom and Dad should take some lessons from them.

My hotel stay wasn't the best, because Mom and Dad put me around the corner from their bed, so every time I woke up at night I started crying because I didn't know where I was and I couldn't see them. Then Dad wasn't feeling well the next morning so he couldn't take me into the pool. Booooo! But he made up for it this week. We've been having lots of fun together during his week off, and Babcia and Dido have also been stopping by for a little bit each day.

Dad took a couple of videos, so we'll post them soon.