Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This will probably come as a shock after seeing all the photos and videos I post here, but I don't always have a camera at the ready when big things occur in my life. In fact, a few events happened over the past few days that went largely undocumented. That means—gasp!—I'll have to just describe them to you. Here goes:

Okay, Mom did take a cell phone photo of this one, so we're covered. Dad took me on my first ride Friday, when we went on the carousel at the mall. I have watched the carousel in delight for the past couple months whenever I go to the mall with Babcia and Dido, so Dad decided to take me on it. I was thrilled (though to be honest, no more thrilled than I am watching from the sidelines). Mom waved to me everytime we went around to her, but some of the time I was too busy watching the horses (and, strangely enough, a kangaroo) go up and down behind me. Dad says he'll be taking me on many more rides in the future—ones that are even more exciting than the carousel. I say bring 'em on!

Not to be outdone, Mom shared her own first with me on Saturday morning while Dad was still sleeping. We colored Easter eggs together. I was bowled over when the eggs changed colors; then I tried to grab the coloring liquid which did not make Mom very happy.

Babcia accompanied me Monday to my first swimming lesson, in a 6-12 month class at the Children's YMCA in town. I was a little tense at first but soon enjoyed splashing and kicking my legs. It was just like playing during bathtime. I'm pretty sure this means I'll be ready ro scuba dive when I go on vacation next month.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wouldn't have anything to do with that mesh bag that Mom and Dad put fruit in and tried to get me to suck on? I'm finally starting to come around. Yesterday Babcia and Dido got me to munch on raspberries; today it was blueberries. Still, I can't make it too easy for them, so I make sure to throw the mesh bag on the floor, which sprays juice everywhere.