Sunday, March 9, 2008

Full house

It took me a few hours to warm up when I got to Grandma and Grandpa's on Friday, but after that I never looked back and had a great weekend. I was so busy playing cards with Grandma (you've probably heard of counting cards, but have you ever heard of eating cards?), navigating the step between their kitchen and family room (it took some time to figure out, but now I can get over it in a couple seconds flat), and cleaning their sliding glass door with my tongue (why does everyone think that's so gross?), that I never even had a chance to investigate all of Grandma's kitchen cabinets. Maybe next time.

Mom and Dad stepped out for a day to spend the night in Philly, but as usual Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Jess kept me so entertained that I barely noticed they were gone. In fact, the only thing bad about my weekend was the trip home today. The switch to daylight savings time threw me for a loop, and when Mom and Dad packed me in the car to go home, I was overdue for a nap and was so tired that I couldn't even fall asleep as I always do. So I ended up crying the whole way home. They even pulled over to try and rock me to sleep and give me a bottle, but it didn't work. I did finally take a nice long nap when I got home, but it was a rough trip for all three of us. (It turns out that we picked a good weekend to be away: a water main burst on our street and there was no water all weekend until they fixed it!)

As happy as I was to get home, I got sad again when I turned on the computer and found that in the two days since I had given my ultimatum about not posting videos unless you sent Ask Julia questions, I hadn't received a single email. Did you guys think I was bluffing? Because I'm not. No new videos until I start getting some questions!