Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ask Julia: 8/9/08

It's been a few weeks since I've done an Ask Julia posting, so I thought it was the perfect way to start the weekend. When I'm done putting this together, I'm going with Mom and Dad up to Connecticut for the weekend. So I don't have a moment to lose.

First up is someone who I haven't gotten questions from in a long time, Grandma. And she's got some good ones:

LOVE your "Fiddler on the Roof" fiddling!! What other musical instrument do you think you're destined to tackle?
This one's easy: piano. I spotted a toy piano in the basement (Mom and Dad are trying to be clever by keeping it in its bag, but I saw it anyway), so that should be next on my list.

Your loyal viewers haven't had a recent update on your teeth! How many are you (and your parents) counting these days?
I know it's hard to believe, but I still only have six visible teeth. There might be some others that are hidden away, but that's all that Mom and Dad can find. That doesn't seem right, considering how much I've been teething in the last month. I sure hope they come in soon, because with all the eating and chewing I'm doing, I need all the chompers I can get!

Also, I know you are enjoying (and loving) lots of different foods now (thanks to your Mom and Babcia), but besides bananas and ice cream, what are some of your other favorites?
Ah, another easy one. Whatever is on Mom's dinner plate, is what my favorite food of the moment is. Every night when she comes home from work and sits down to eat, I manage to finagle my way into her lap so I can help her dig in to her meal. So what if I just ate my own dinner a half-hour earlier?

PS: I'd like to see a picture of you pushing your "corn popper"!
Since you wrote in to me, I guess you're entitled to a request. I'll get right on that one!

Aunt Paula also checked in with a few new questions:

Do you have any more vacations planned?
Sure do. Mom, Babcia, Dido and I are going to Wildwood in a week. Dad apparently would rather work than spend time with me, so he's staying behind.

It looks like you mostly walk now. Do you ever go back to crawling?
Crawling? What's that?

Do you still play with your baby doll?
I still treat my baby doll the same way—i.e. go all Hannibal Lecter on her—but Mom has noticed that I've taking more of an interest in the baby dolls I see at the toy store. So as soon as she convinces Dad to get me a new one, perhaps I'll be a bit more respectful of her facial features.

Are there any new toys that you need?
Need? Nope. But want? That's a whole different story. Everywhere I turn there's something new that I want!

Well, I'm off to Connecticut, so thanks Aunt Paula and Grandma for the questions, and I'll see you next week. Why don't you keep yourself busy in the meantime by sending a few questions my way?