Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easy rider

I'm on my way home from Wildwood today, but I still have more to share from my Sesame Place trip. When I first visited the park last month, I had my eye on some of the bigger rides, and Dad promised that he'd take me on them someday. He wasn't lying! Ava is a daredevil, so I decided to keep up by going on some of those rides with her. Mom wasn't too happy with Dad for taking me on them, and I have a feeling that will be a recurring disagreement at theme parks for years to come. Here's an overview of my day, which included a mixture of new rides and my favorites from last month's trip.

While the bigger rides were fun, for now nothing beats going on the carousel. Whenever I see a horse (real or fake), I start bouncing up and down, because I'm ready to giddyup.

I'll finish out the week tomorrow with some final Sesame Place memories.