Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't drink the bathwater

I haven't talked about it much this summer, because it hasn't happened as fast as it did during my first 12 months, but I'm getting bigger. I just grew into a new shoe size (size 6 now for me). And Mom and Dad took me to the doctor's over the weekend because they thought I might have an ear infection (I've been cranky and rubbing my ears), but it was just my molars coming in. While we were there, we found out I've only gained a pound since my year checkup. I'm now at 27 pounds, 8 ounces - all that running around is keeping me relatively slim!

And another sign of my getting bigger is that I have outgrown my baby tub. Now I have the whole bathtub to myself. That gives me more space to play with bath toys and do some other things, like drink the water (which never fails to gross out Mom and Dad) and play my new game: Up and Down. Take a look.

I've learned some other new words besides "up" and "down." I also know "baby," "uh-oh!" and "no," which I talked about yesterday. And one other new word: "Count." But more about that tomorrow when I talk about Sesame Place!