Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday bash, part 3

Hey, where did everyone go? Even after my birthday party—sniff!—ended on Sunday, the celebration continued the following day. Because I still had my birthday gifts to open!

Wow, all of this is for me? Cool!

Here's a montage of me opening my gifts. Someone got me the best gift ever: a piece of tape (there was wrapping paper and a present also, but you can't beat Scotch tape!). Then you see me play with Uncle Ryan's gift (a Sesame Street-themed remote). Finally, after opening all those gifts, I wanted even more—Mom's pen, for starters.

After my gifts were all opened, my birthday celebration finally came to a close. Dad asked me to sum it all up:

And there you have it. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me, or sent wishes from afar. You made my big day that much more special!

Let's be sure and do it again next May when I turn 2!