Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fantasy island, Day 3

Today was the day that Dad learned why you shouldn't put sunscreen lotion on my hands: the first thing I did was rub my eyes, irritating them with the lotion. I was weepy for a bit, but I recovered in plenty of time to greet the special visitor who stopped by during pooltime: Elmo!

Then it was back to the room for my morning nap.

We walked on the beach for the first time today (yesterday we looked at it from afar). Dad put my feet down on the sand, and had me feel the ocean washing over them as the waves came in. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. I liked the view from above much better!

By the way, Dad also learned the hard way today that my swim diapers, which I wear with my bathing suit, aren't as absorbent as my usual diapers. I peed through my swim diapers, and onto him, twice this week.

At lunch, I got to do one of my favorite activities: play fetch with my two sippy cups.

Back at our room, I do more than nap, you know. I also crawl around and play.

Here's a look at all the books and toys Mom brought to keep me occupied. Good thinking, Mom!

For dinner, we hit the sushi bar, where I was taken with the kitty who was crawling around the restaurant (and the resort grounds). Hello kitty!

After dinner came the highlight of the day: a big parade, which included lots of performers and all my Sesame Street pals.

When I wasn't greeting characters in the parade, I kept turning back to Dad and giving him big grins like this.

As you can see, I was having a wonderful time, not only that night...but all week long!