Saturday, May 31, 2008

Follow the bouncing ball

Every once in a while, I forget to post a video for a couple weeks, at which point it has already become rather dated. That's the case again today, so before I get to the "old" news I'll share some fresh news with you. I went to the doctor yesterday for my year-old checkup, and got a clean bill of health. My updated stats: 32 inches, and 26 lbs. 4 oz. That means I lost a couple ounces from my last doctor's visit a few weeks ago for that ear infection and congestion (probably from all that prolonged standing and taking those first steps).

Speaking of a few weeks ago, that's pretty much when this "lost" video—in which I watch the neighbors toss a ball around—was taken...back before I was 1, or walking, or we owned our new camcorder. Still, it's cute, as it was taken during one of my first encounters with the grass, and all the pretty landscaping in our yard that Babcia and Dido have done such a beautiful job with.

And here it is. Don't worry about that coughing you hear—remember, I was still sick when this was taken. Like I said, it's an old video!