Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fantasy island, Day 4

Why am I playing with my bucket and shovel in my room instead of on the beach? Because today was the day that it rained and rained outside, keeping me stuck indoors. That was no problem, because I kept myself busy.

Eventually, the rain did stop and we were able to hit the pool. I was ready for a drink, so we went to the swimup bar.

One pina coloda, please!

The rain started up again in the afternoon, so it was back to the room. I was stubborn and wouldn't go down for an afternoon nap (one of the problems of sharing one room is that whenever Dad tried to put me down, I got distracted by seeing Mom or all of my toys). So I went back to playing and found a great use for my pool toys.

I should also mention that this week, Mom and Dad noticed that for the first time, I was starting to hand them my toys and other objects on occasion. Still, it's still more fun to receive than to give! I also had a blast clowning around with Mom instead of napping.

We went back to the Italian restaurant for dinner. Mom and Dad were amazed at how many staffers, not just there but throughout the resort, knew my name and greeted me. I was smiling and waving to almost everyone, eagerly seeking their attention. And if someone walked by and didn't acknowledge me, I was not happy about it!

Then came the best part of the day again: watching that night's Sesame Street show, which was about what everyone wanted to be when they grew up (like what, when they turned 2?).

I was so happy to see my friends in action that I started singing along with them.

And that was the end of another day. It was hard to believe we were already more than halfway through the week. I have three more days to blog about, then I'll answer any questions you have about the trip. So be sure to send them my way!