Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fantasy island, Day 2

For the second day, which was our first full day at the resort, it was finally time to start having some real fun. After breakfast (I ate at the same time as Mom and Dad for every single meal; we would all sit down at the restaurant and they took turns feeding me while the other one ate), I met a Sesame Street character that I finally knew: Grover (I have a Grover hand puppet). Hi there, Grover!

Then it was pool time. Mom and Dad took me poolside, making sure I had my hat and sunglasses on.

This was the only time I wore my sunglasses all week. Between the glasses, the hat and the layers of sunscreen that Mom and Dad kept slathering on me, something had to give. At long last, Dad took me into the pool, which was much cooler than the one I'm usually in at the Y.

First, Dad took me around the whole pool. I was so excited, especially by the waterfalls(!), that I couldn't stop talking about it!

Then, Mom and Dad pulled out a new toy for me: a floatie device with a canopy, so I could float around the pool while staying protected from the sun. There were even some water toys to keep me occupied.

Mom played along with me, and kept an eye on the water toys as I tossed them into the pool.

Here's another look at me and my floatie:

After some time in the floatie, however, I would inevitably start leaning over and trying to drink the pool water. That was always the signal to take me out and put me back into Dad's arms. But I still persisted in trying to drink. My preferred method, which I started doing last month during swimming lessons with Babcia, is to put my hand in the water, then suck the water off my hand.

I should mention that Mom and Dad did keep me well-hydrated, making sure I drank my sippy cup frequently. I've never had so much water as I did this week!

After lunch, I was ready for a nap. And each afternoon, Mom and Dad joined me for a family nap in the room's king bed, which we all enjoyed immensely. And when I woke up, they were always amazed at how I would go from 0 to 60—popping right up, full of energy. Those king beds are roomy, so I really got a chance to flop around!

Did you notice how close my crib was to Mom and Dad's bed? That will come into play later this week...

We didn't go back to the pool in the afternoon. Instead we walked around the resort, and went to storytime with someone named Elmo. (I got the feeling that Mom and Dad had been shielding me from him for the past 11 months.) Later, we took a look at the beach. How beautiful!

On our way to dinner, we stopped at a nifty water fountain, which I grew to love and insisted that we go back to often during the week.

I was in for a big treat after dinner (where I was super-animated at the Italian restaurant). We went to see a Sesame Street stage show, and afterwards, I got a hug from Grover.

He's sure a lot bigger than the hand puppet I have! Then Cookie Monster came over too and I got another hug.

I'm really starting to love these Sesame Street characters! All in all, it was another terrific day.