Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Apology Tour stop #1

My Apology Tour was a big success. The first stop was visiting Aunt Jess up in Connecticut. Her apartment is really nice and very big. She had the coolest refrigerator magnets that I kept playing with. In one magnet set, you could dress Reese Witherspoon in different outfits (I kept saying "Reese! Reese!"), like a wedding dress and then jeans. Dad said he had got it a few years ago to promote her film Sweet Home Alabama. Anyway, I easily spent over an hour playing with the magnets, and taking them off the fridge and moving them elsewhere in the apartment.

But even better than the magnets was the location of her apartment. It was literally next door to the West Hartford Children's Museum. And you know that I can't resist going to a children's museum, so I dragged Mom, Dad and Jess there and had a blast. Here's a long video from my day there, but the best part is at the beginning, when I touch the baby dino. I loved that so much that I kept coming back there all day long!

Aunt Jess seems to have forgiven me for getting her sick over Thanksgiving, so I hope she invites me up to visit again soon.