Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ask Julia: 12/17/08

Hey guys, I've been busy getting ready for the holidays and figuring out what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas (you'll find the answer below), so I haven't had a chance to blog for a couple days. But I'm sure you guys are completely understanding about that, since in the last 18 months I've done something like 350 posts and 200 videos, right? Anyway, I thought it was time for an Ask Julia mailbag and I see that Grandma has written me for the first time in four months. She must have some great questions for me after all that time, so let's get right to them:

No new blog ............ WHAT'S WITH THAT???????????

Wait a minute, what? That's it? That's the question I've waited four months for? Wow, and I thought I was greedy. But I love my Grandma very much and I know she's one of the blog's biggest fans, and since I still owe her for getting her sick over Thankgiving, I'll let it slide...this time.

Thankfully Aunt Paula has some real questions, so let's get to those:

I enjoyed the videos of you at your house with your beautiful Christmas tree. It is amazing to me that you know so many words. Especially coffee. Do you like coffee? When your go to Dunkin Donuts with Babbi and Dido, do you get to eat a donut?
I certainly love the smell of coffee. As to whether I like the taste of it, that's a secret between Babcia, Dido and me. They told me I can't say a word to Mom and Dad about it! And while I don't usually eat donuts, it's gotten to the point where if Babcia and Dido go into Dunkin Donuts and don't bring me out a muffin or something else to munch on, I get really upset.

I am so happy that you finally got to see Santa. The next time you see him are you going to take your wish list with you? Did you get to eat at least one M&M? I could eat that whole candy cane in about 30 seconds.
I did go back to see him at Baby Boom, but he wasn't there anymore! Now I walk around telling everyone that he's "gone!" In the past week, I've gone to other places like the mall and seen people that everyone claims is Santa, but I know they're just his helpers—I only want to see the real Santa, the one who was so nice to me at Baby Boom earlier in the month. I hope he comes back soon, and he brings me what I want for Christmas: "toys" and a "how" (Ukrainian word for the barking sound a dog makes)!

And I'm not sure what you're talking about with M&Ms. My candy cane is filled with items that make noise when you shake them, but why would you ever eat those when you could shake them instead?

That's it. If you have other questions for me, please send them along. If you have complaints about why I don't blog every minute of every day, send them to Grandma so you guys can commiserate together.