Friday, December 5, 2008


Though I was sick for most of my visit with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend, I was well enough for Mom and Dad to bring me to G-Boys, a garden center that puts on a huge holiday display every year. Dad has been going there every year since he was a kid. I can see why, because it was so much fun. Between the trees and the Santas and the other decorations, I had no problem getting into the Christmas spirit:

That video left out the best part, which is the store's Winter Wonderland. Mom and Dad promised we'd see Santa at the end, so let's see how that turned out:

So Mom and Dad seemed disappointed because they said Santa wasn't there like he was supposed to be, but I don't know what they were talking about because I saw a bunch of Santas in that store. But they keep talking about the "real" Santa, whatever that means. Maybe I'll find out in the coming days.

Dad has a long vacation weekend so he's taking me on what he's calling the Apology Tour: visiting all the people I got sick last week so I can apologize and have some fun with them. Tomorrow we're seeing Aunt Jess and Sunday we might be seeing Grandma and Grandpa (and going back to G-Boys in search of this "real" Santa). Hope you all have a great weekend.

And by the way, have you all forgotten how to send me email? I haven't gotten anything in weeks!