Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree's company

Let me start off with a health update. I'm feeling much better. I'm still not able to have any dairy products yet, though I hear I might finally have some yogurt coming my way this afternoon. And Babcia dropped off my "samples" at the lab today, so we'll know in a couple days whether I'm completely in the clear or not.

I was back at the doctor's yesterday, but this time it was for my 18-month checkup. I did great as always, and even kept it together during my three vaccination shots. Mostly I just wanted to get back to the waiting room, to see the fish in the big fish tank and play with the toys. As for my latest stats, I actually lost a little weight—this virus apparently turned out to be quite the diet. I'm 27 lbs. 7 oz., an ounce less than my last checkup three months ago. I did grow an inch, so I'm now 35 inches tall.

Now on to the good stuff. When we got home last Saturday, Mom and Dad worked hard Saturday night as I slept to put up the Christmas tree so I could be surprised on Sunday morning. As you can see, it didn't quite work out that way...though I did eventually come around.

My favorite ornaments are the Dunkin Donuts coffee cup, the Sesame Street characters and an ornament of a ski resort that moves and plays music. I love running over to the three and looking at all of them!

Check back tomorrow for even more Christmas-themed videos.