Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ask Julia: 1/16/08

Another week has passed since I last complained about my empty mailbox, and the response continues to be...underwhelming, to say the least. But on the bright side, I did receive questions from Grandma and Grandpa, for the first time in months. So that's enough to placate me for at least a few more days. But if you're a regular reader and you haven't written me a question in awhile, you'd better step up!

Here are Grandma's questions:

We've noticed that your hair is really growing now. In some pictures/videos it looks blonder; some light brown; and in some, Grandpa thinks reddish. Can you clear up the confusion? (Whatever though, I'm sure it will be very blonde in the summer when you're outside most of the time.)
To Mom's dismay, my hair is light brown. She keeps telling me that I'm supposed to have blonde hair like my Aunt Jessica did when she was little, and I don't know how to break it to her that I have no control over my DNA.

We've had nice, mild weather so far this season. Do you take daily strolls with Babcia and Dido? As a matter of fact, can you describe your daily schedule on a typical weekday?
A typical day depends on the weather; when it's nicer, we do take walks, often multiple times a day. When it's cold and/or rainy, then I'm stuck indoors. But my typical day with Babcia and Dido usually starts off with Babcia putting me down for my first nap. Then we schedule many of these activities in between my feeding schedule: walks around town, story time at the library, long naps with Babcia, a trip to the mall or the supermarket and quality playtime with Dido.

Not to be outdone, Grandpa chimed in yesterday with a few questions of his own about my upcoming visit this weekend:

Do you think you'll be happy with toys that you have to work harder for your entertainment? Grandma took the toys your dad, uncle & aunt used to play with out of storage and washed them for your upcoming visit. None of them run on batteries, so no noises, or blinking lights. You would have to make all the sounds and movements yourself, but please come to see us anyway!
Have you already forgotten how much fun I had with that plastic cream cheese container the last time I came to visit? Sure, I love toys with lights and sounds, but as long as I can bang them together and put them in my mouth, I'll be all set.

Grandpa had dreams about you two nights in a row. In one, we lifted you out of your crib and you started taking several steps, then we caught you before you fell. This happened three times. In the other, you were climbing up the steps of a sliding board and then having a thrill going down. Afterwards, with your eight teeth you were eating all kinds of finger foods, except at the end you somehow put your grandma's contact lenses in your mouth! Is Grandpa seeing into your future? Love, Gramps
Yes, I'm sure I'll be walking (and falling) before long. And I also bet I'll love going on slides, because I get so thrilled when Dad lifts me up, hangs me upside down, etc. As for eating Grandma's contact lenses, I wouldn't put it past me, though I do gravitate towards munching on larger objects (her glasses, perhaps). So it's not a stretch to say that at least part of those dreams will come true.

But I do have to ask: uh, "Gramps"? That's definitely not seeing into my future. I can't imagine ever calling you that, at least not until you're well into your seventies and don't have any of your teeth left.

Thanks for the questions, Grandma and Grandpa. As for the rest of you, you cannot hide—I know who my readers are and I will start naming names of people I haven't heard from in a long while. So send me questions!