Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food glorious food

First, an addendum to yesterday's Ask Julia post. Grandma wrote in after reading my lament about my hair color (light brown, not blond) with some good news: Aunt Jessica's hair was also light brown until she was 2, when it finally turned blond. See Mom, there's still hope!

It's been nearly three months since I first had Dad upload my videos onto YouTube for everyone's enjoyment. The very first video showed my introduction to sweet potatoes, and my confused and somewhat disgusted reaction. Here it is, to refresh your memory:

Well, that soon changed, as I grew to love not only sweet potatoes, but pretty much all of the other new fruits and veggies that Mom, Dad, Babcia and Dido have been feeding me. So we thought it would be fun to take a new video of feeding time (in this case, winter squash & pears are on the menu) so you can see how far I've come:

Who knows, maybe in another three months I'll have moved on to steak dinners!