Thursday, January 3, 2008

New year, new tricks

What better way to ring in the new year than to show off my latest moves? I've got two new tricks up my sleeve. First is the head-tilt that you see above. That started about a week ago when I saw Dad with his head to one side and thought it was hilarious! I kept cracking up everytime he did it, until I finally started doing it myself. I usually accompany it with a big grin; it's my way of saying, hey, why don't you do this too?

My other trick is even better. For the past few weeks, Babcia and Mom (among other people) have been trying to get me to wave, especially when someone is waving at me. It finally took a few days ago. I do my own version of waving: my arm is outstretched with my palm facing toward me, so in essence I'm waving at myself. I also do it at random times...hey, I'm still working out all the kinks!

Dad actually managed to catch me doing both tricks back-to-back, so this video is kind of a double feature.