Tuesday, January 1, 2008

These videos are so last year

Happy 2008, everyone! As the clock struck midnight, I was sound asleep. Then again, so were Mom and Dad, who got home from dinner in the city with their friends and didn't even have the energy to stay up another 30 minutes to watch the ball drop. Hee hee! Just the fruits of another successful day on the job by yours truly.

As I prepare to start the New Year with a clean slate, I wanted to share a couple videos from the tail-end of the holiday season. First up, a reminder that while I've ditched several playthings over the past couple months (bouncy seats, swings, etc.), I'm still loving my Exersaucer...kind of.

Remember how I was sick all day last Thursday after my flu shot? Well I had a couple bursts of super-hyper activity while in my Jumperoo. I was so frenzied that I literally knocked my socks off. And by the way, those yelps are joyful sounds, not sad ones (the sad ones came about an hour later).

And here's more Jumperoo nuttiness from that day.

We'll end with a video my Dad took over the weekend, a few minutes after I rolled over from my stomach onto my back for Mom (I did this randomly one time a couple months ago, but nothing since). Dad was hopeful that he could coax a repeat performance out of me, but I simply reverted back to my flailing ways. Still, I managed to pull off a pivoting trick that no one saw coming.