Thursday, January 31, 2008

Turning point

I've never asked for your advice before, but I'm getting desperate after having a few rough nights this week. I'm not sleeping through the night anymore—in fact, I'm getting up several times. Usually I'm more than happy to play in the wee hours, but at least once a night in my crib, I'm turning over onto my stomach or sitting completely up (every once in a while, I sit up and then get onto my stomach, which means I'm facing the opposite direction from where I started!). Because I can't get myself back into my original sleeping position, I get really upset and start crying for Mom and Dad to rescue me. I also make sure to toss my pacifier over the side of my crib onto the floor, which always seems like a good idea at the time...but then it's gone and I can't suck on it anymore, which leads to more tears. Do any of my baby/toddler peers, or their parents, have any advice for how Mom, Dad and I can deal with these tumultuous late-night events? If so, please write and help a baby out!