Friday, February 1, 2008

Ask Julia: 2/1/08

Happy February! How do you like my outfit? This was actually made for Babcia when she was a baby in Ukraine—she thinks she was a year old when she wore it. Babcia is going to donate it to the Ukrainian Museum in New York City, because they don't have many children's costumes.

Before we get to this week's questions, an update about my sleeping situation. Perhaps yesterday's impassioned plea for help was cathartic in some way, because last night I slept completely through the night for the first time in two weeks. But wait, there's more! I slept until 6:40, well past the 5:30/5:45 wakeup time I've stuck to over the past few weeks. Who knows what tonight will bring, but Mom, Dad and I are at least comforted to know that a good—and full—night's sleep is still possible.

Now on to this week's questions, from Aunt Paula. There was the usual silence from everyone else. Hmm, perhaps I should just start emailing updates to Aunt Paula, Aunt Rebecca and my grandparents instead of posting for everyone else.

Which of those many stuffed animals do you like the best? Do you get to play with all of them?
While I posed with them, I don't actually play with them all too often. Mom doesn't like to hear this, but I do have an affinity for South Park's Cartman, probably because of his big eyes.

You sure have a fun time when you are up on your dad's shoulders. Do you think that you would like to ride on the Top Thrill Dragster? Your dad sure did.
You must be referring to that ride at Cedar Point amusement park that Dad sometimes tells Mom he'll be taking me on. Considering how happy I get when Dad lifts me up, down and all around, I'd say there's a good chance of my liking roller coasters. Then again, Dad was 3 when you and Grandpa dragged him on the wild mouse ride at Cedar Point and he hated it. So we'll have to see. If and when we do go to Cedar Point, I hope you come along with us!

Do you and your mom have a special party planned for your dad's birthday on Sunday? Do you think that they will let you have a piece of cake, or at least a taste of the frosting? I sure hope so. There is nothing like good old sugar.
It's strange, because his birthday is also on the day of the Super Bowl, so I'm not sure what is planned. We'll probably just go out to lunch, and I'm sure Dad would love it if the three of us took a nice long nap together. But I don't think cake is in my future, at least not until my birthday rolls around.

Even though I had a restful night last night, I'm still seeking guidance about how to cope with turning over/sitting up in the middle of the night, so please send advice (or Ask Julia questions)!

Mom and Dad have been taking lots of cute photos this week, so we'll try to post them through the weekend and into next week. Enjoy the weekend!