Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life behind bars

Talk about bad luck. Just one day after I have my crawling breakthrough, the professional babyproofer arrives and makes the house completely, well, babyproof. What a buzzkill! It's too bad that Mom and Dad didn't do the babyproofing on their own. I'm sure they wouldn't have been nearly as thorough, and their craftsmanship would have been less than perfect, so I definitely could have exploited a few vulnerable spots. But not this guy, who left no stone unturned, no drawer without a "hook and eye" lock, no sharp corner without padding and no stairwell or dangerous doorway without a babygate!

Not only is the house now babyproof, but it's a little parent-proof too. Mom and Dad have had to learn how to open the gates and the toilet locks, and it could take weeks to get used to having to disengage those "hook and eye" locks while opening the drawers. Dad says he feels like a stranger in his own home. Serves them right!

I already heard from a few of you who loved seeing yesterday's crawling video. I'm happy to say that we've got several more videos to share this week, so be sure to check back soon!