Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy birthday Dad!

Today would have been a Super day even without that big football game: it's Dad's birthday! Mom helped me write him a birthday card (I addressed it to "Dadadadada...," which as you know is what I call him—and everyone else), and he said that my sleeping through the night for the past three nights and being super-cheery all weekend is the best birthday present he could ever receive. Dad asked me to talk a little more about his birthday celebration today but I reminded him that this is my blog and he should go start his own blog if he wants to write about himself.

So instead, let's talk about how I'm getting older! I already wrote today about how I'm started to self-feed. Last night, I discovered that Dad had lowered my crib once again because I'm getting bigger and getting close to pulling myself to a standing position. So now the crib is at its lowest setting. Yesterday Mom and Dad took me to apply for a passport—can you believe I'm going to have a passport already?—which must mean we're traveling somewhere amazing very soon. Finally, my crawling has been improving by leaps and bounds this weekend. Mom and Dad had better put a rush on those babyproofing plans!

I'd better get back to the Super Bowl, because who knows when Mom and Dad will let me watch TV again!