Friday, February 29, 2008

Ask Julia: Leap Day edition

Happy Leap Day everyone! It's a good thing I'm not leaping yet in the photo above, or I'd have hurt my head! But that's what happens when you like to crawl under things as I do now (my Jumperoo, the table, the highchair), and then sit up, coming dangerously close to bumping my head. I'm sure I'll learn the hard way before long.

Last week's gusher of Ask Julia questions has once again subsided to a mere trickle, with only Aunt Paula providing new ones this week. So here goes:

It sure looks like you had a great time sledding. Did your Mom and Dad make a snowman for you?
No. But it just started snowing right now, and we're supposed to get about six inches, so they can make it up to me.

I understand that you are going to be going on your first plane ride. Do you have any expectations? What are your planning on doing on your first real vacations? I am sure you will have a great time. Do you think that you might get to try out some new types of food?
My trip isn't for another two months, and considering how different things will probably be then (if I'm not walking yet, I'll be pretty darn close!), I haven't even begun to think about that one yet. I will say that since I won't yet be a year old, I doubt I'll be sampling the local cuisine. All the more reason to make a return trip at some point!

While I'm not looking ahead two months, I certainly am thinking about my trip this weekend: Sunday I'll be going up to Connecticut to visit my relatives, and then we're spending the night. I'm hoping we'll get to take a dip in the hotel pool, since there was no time to do so during my last stay up there. I just rediscovered splashing during my baths this week, so I hope I get a chance to splash on a bigger scale in the pool.

In other news, Dad says he's going to make amends for being MIA most of February by spending all of next week at home with me. I just hope he can keep up with me!

I'm off to enjoy the weekend (and hopefully some snow!). In meantime, I hope you make up for your sad lack of Ask Julia questions by filling up my mailbag!