Friday, February 1, 2008

Good clean fun

During my first two months, Mom and Dad used to dread my bathtime almost as much as I did. I hated being exposed to the elements, and especially being placed on the bath sling that I had to use when I was at my tiniest. But as I became able to hold my head up and sit upright, I began enjoying my baths more and more.

My favorite thing to do during bathtime is gnaw on one of my rubber duckies or other bath toys.

I usually focus intently on whatever I'm eating, but sometimes I'll remember Mom and Dad are there (Mom does the bathing; Dad keeps me from falling and going underwater) and start talking to and playing with them. Dad caught me here as I was in the middle of sticking out my tongue.

Aren't I a bathing beauty? By the way, despite how it looks in the pictures, I assure you that Mom and Dad don't bathe me in filthy water. It must be some weird effect from the flash and the reflection!