Monday, January 14, 2008

I've grown on you

How have I gotten bigger over the last couple weeks? Let me count the ways:

1) I outgrew my infant carrier, so right after Christmas, Dad had to get my next carseat installed. It's so nice and plush! Plus I enjoy having the extra room, since it's good all the way up to 40 pounds. But my poor Mom and Dad can no longer use the carrier to transport me out of the car when I fall asleep during trips. Now they either have to hang out in the car until I wake up, or try to get me out of the carseat without waking me up (good luck!).

2) Shortly after the new year, I got big enough to realize that I could get out of the inflatable tub that Mom and Dad put me in while they shower. I'd been getting bolder and bolder, throwing my toys out of the tub and then leaning over and reaching for them. Not the best idea in an inflatable tub, which eventually tipped over when I was in mid-reach (Dad saved me in the nick of time). Dad knew it was time for Plan C, so he and Mom bought a slightly smaller playard that fits into the bathroom. In fact, my tub fits perfectly in there, so I still get to sit in that. But thanks to the playard walls, I can't reach or toss my toys out anymore, which is a drag.

3) My parents finally had to lower my crib mattress a bit. After I spent few days tossing my pacifier out of the crib like it was a grenade, they realized I had grown too big for the highest setting. Now it won't be nearly as easy for me to plot my escape!

4) I can hardly believe it myself, but I somehow have graduated to size 18 month outfits, even though I'm less than half that old! I still am in a few 12 month clothes but for the most part, it's 18 months or bust. Literally.